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With the proliferation of applications and resources, users have a lot of different tools to access at the same time. Without many organizations users lose time and efficiency weeding through the various applications. The solution is therefore to centralize all the applications and resources. This can be done effectively through corporate portals, which create a single centralized point for all of your organization’s resources. Portals are accessible through one of the most common technology tools: a web browser, which facilitates user acclimatization.

Thanks to this technology users can find anything they need through a single interface, which may be customized according to their preferences. A web portal is a central tool for organization, aggregating most of the following functions:

  • Communication (publishing press releases, internal notes ...)
  • Collaboration (file sharing, calendar ...)
  • Social (instant messaging, wikis, blogs ...)
  • Integration of business applications (ERP, HR tool ...)

Despite the ease of access there are still issues of complexity since the assembly of several domain functions are not always a foregone conclusion. Our approach at KUBE TECHNOLOGIES is to develop specific perimeters for a project in order to develop bridges between different aggregated activities.