Electronic mail

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A fundamental tool of business communication, email is one of the most commonly used information technologies.

It has become for most organizations an indispensable service, therefore the quality of service availability are a main requirement of the users.

Compatibility with standard Internet protocols (SMTP, POP3, IMAP) is a pre-essential requirement of these products whose differentiating elements address other user needs.

  • The management of additional electronic mail features (mailing lists, mail tracking, out-of-office reminders, and variable quotas.
  • Managing security features (signature, encryption)
  • Managing address books and shared calendars.
  • Support for remote access, mainly through Internet browsers (or smartphones).

To choose among the different types of messaging, knowledge of the activity and procedures that result are essential. Thus we offer either:

  • A hosted email
  • An on-site messaging

To better understand this choice, KUBE TECHNOLOGIES aims to help you in analyzing the essential criteria for your business to determine what suits you best.